Saturday, August 4, 2012

QR code references, Admin Saturday chat and more

With only two weeks until teachers return, I am building a fun, informative, meaningful, hands-on, active PD session in my head.  It will send teachers into our community in small teams with several purposes:

1) See, experience and better understand the divsity of the community we serve. 
2) Use new technologies in meaningful ways to explore, locate resources and get ideas for how to use these same technologies with students (iPads, cameras/flip cameras, online tools...maybe Google Earth...)
3) Inspire thinking about local field trip possibilities, hopefully leading to students taking action to contribute to our community.

One technology tool I'm thinking of incorporating is QR codes... While I've used them before, I've not created my own or incorporated them into PD.  My morning Twitter round-up lead me to several great resources...

  •  A new Twitter conversation for me to follow...although not likely in real time because it is SO early on Saturday mornings.  #satchat   Today's archive had lots of great links... One I'll need to link to once I find it again is a great list for new ( and experienced) principals of summer to-do list. 
Two comprehensive QR resources:
Great resource of picture books to address bullying:

I can't wait to really pull this PD session together! 

Several of these links came from new connections I made through the #geniushour chat the other night...most notablely from JoyKirr on Twitter. The power of being a Connected Educator is amazing.  Thanks to all for sharing so many great resources and ideas. 

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