Friday, August 3, 2012

Where have 5 years gone?

Realizing that I needed a blog just for my own personal use, to document and store all the great links, articles, thinking, and resources I'm finding, I returned to Excursions, which I started back in 2007.  It's hard for me to remember back to that time!  Clues on this site help me piece it all together....

So since then, I returned to school-based positions in an administration realm.  Initially, I served as an Assistant Principal for  two years, and now, I've completed two years as a Principal.  My interests in education remain diverse.  This summer has been full of rich professional development experiences, great professional books, and plenty to make me think about the future of education.  Currently, the most pressing topics in my educational world are:

  • Inquiry based teaching
  • IB/PYP programme
  • Instructional technology
  • Arts integration
  • Staff development
  • Math (of course)
  • and many more....
My favorite books to read this summer:
  • Black Ants and Buddhists
  • Best Practice
  • Instructional Rounds
  • ...and... Many MAT test prep books...
Several more books remain on my summer reading list...I don't think I'll get to the, all, but they will carry over to the fall reading list. 

Hence the return to this blog.  I need a place to document the ideas, resources and connections.  So ...more to come soon. Although, I fully realize this is a dangerous time of year to start anything....I'll try my best!

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